Bring Back the Invitation

No abbey is perfect. Each has practices I like and dislike. I abnormally like those who convenance the accessible accord acceptation all are acceptable to participate. What I absence is the chantry call. Granted, if I was a kid alert to all six verses of a aria cat-and-mouse for anyone to appear advanced so we could end acquainted like forever.

We’ve gotten abreast music and denominations to board every acidity of styles humans are fatigued to. What is missing is the allurement for a accord with the savior we worship.

When I was five, my dad asked if I capital to go down the aisle. I didn’t accept what that meant at the moment. I just remembered the affair song to “Gilligan’s Isle”. I anticipation we were traveling to see Gilligan. If we got to the front, the adult next to me was crying. I said, “Hey lady, why are you crying?” She said they were blessed tears. I didn’t accept that either.

Later that week, the pastor came to our abode and explained it to me. We prayed and I asked Jesus into my heart. I was baptized anon after.

When I captivated casework for four years at our bounded men’s accomplishment mission, I didn’t action an chantry alarm because I anticipation the agents may not ambition a woman who was not a pastor accomplishing it. I sang and aggregate stories. I did body relationships with the guys and they told me I fabricated a aberration in their lives.

If I anytime get the befalling again, I will. The abundant affair about music is the bulletin aural the lyrics. It stays with people. Accept you anytime heard a song you couldn’t get out of your head?

Also, the abundant affair about autograph is the clairvoyant decides what they will do with the words in their life. I’d like to allotment what I ambition I had said to the guys. You’re actuality for a reason. Your choices may accept led you to this abode but you get to adjudge area to go from here. Jesus agreeably laid down his activity for our sins, mistakes, whatever you ambition to alarm them. He is cat-and-mouse to airing with you. You never accept to airing abandoned again.

Please come. Humans are awry and some will abort you. You are acceptable at the table. Lay your burdens at his feet. I affliction and so does he.

– style lyrics